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Development and integration of projects for analysts

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It's up to you: visit our office and meet our speakers in person or absorb the useful things from professionals in their field, sitting in a comfortable chair. FinTech has been one of the fastest-growing domains for a long time. Banks are eventually going online and are doing their best to provide themselves with a competitive advantage by offering their customers the most advanced IT solutions. And, of course, such projects can’t go without Business and Systems Analysts. This is for whom our meetup is intended! Experts from Andersen, Alfa-Bank, and Deutsche Bank TechCentre will tell you about the development of projects, the work of banks’ SAs, and the use of integrations. It will be useful! We'll be happy to see you on the 27th of October, at 7 PM (GMT +3) 23 Vladimirsky Avenue, Floor 8, Renaissance Hall Business Center, St. Petersburg. Networking, questions for speakers, the opportunity to discuss reports with the community - all this is worth getting out of the house!


16:00 UTC

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Our speakers


Andrei Abrazouski

System Analyst at Andersen

A report about how, through errors and hard knocks, the customer began to involve additional people and move a monolithic application for a bank to a new microservice architecture, which, in turn, promoted the product. And in this report, we will talk about a list of recommendations obtained empirically on how not to fall into such traps.


Alexey Lobzov

Lead Systems Analyst at Alfa-Bank

The speaker plans to talk about: 1) the development process (we often say that it is flexible, but this is not entirely true); 2) required competencies (more in technology, less in the description of processes and interfaces); 3) additional activities to exchange knowledge and compete with each other.


Oleg Karmaleev

Senior Business Functional Analyst Deutsche Bank Technology Center

We all face the need to analyze and design integrations in almost every project. In the report, the speaker will talk about his experience in this difficult issue and share his observations on the general approaches to integration in a large transnational bank.

Topics and speakers

16:00 UTC
Andrei Abrazouski
The History of FinTech Project Evolution from Monolith to Microservice Architecture
17:00 UTC
Alexey Lobzov
Three Facts about the Work of a System Analyst at a Bank
18:00 UTC
Oleg Karmaleev
Integrations: Different Types and Their Use in Banks

Unfortunately, registration for this event is already closed. However, Andersen often organizes interesting events! Find out more information in the dedicated community!