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Requirements to join our Sales Traineeship Program

Requirements to join our Sales Traineeship Program

Admission criteria:

  • University degree;
  • English or German at upper-Intermediate level or above;
  • Strong theoretical knowledge and proven hands-on experience in the chosen area;
  • Experience in management and knowledge of sales and negotiation techniques;
  • Analytical mind and structured thinking;
  • Excellent communicative skills and logical thinking;
  • Basic IT background will be a big plus;
  • Successfully completed IT Sales courses will be an advantage.
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Andersen's Sales Traineeship process


Sales theory training

  • 1-2 months;

  • Theoretical classes and supervised learning;

  • Individual sessions with a mentor to gain a deep understanding of all processes.


Practical training

  • 3-6 months;

  • Participation together with your mentor in meetings with potential and current customers;

  • Comprehensive learning of lead processing – from receiving a request through presale activities to signing a contract.


Joining our commercial department

  • Assigned Resource Manager responsible for your career growth;

  • Continuous support and guidance throughout your work;

  • Sales plans and roadmaps for your professional advancement.

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Pros of Andersen's traineeships

English classes and language practice

Andersen understands the importance of English in IT. That's why we offer corporate language classes of varying levels, enabling all trainees to improve their language skills for daily communication and get ready to dive into business with people of different cultures.

International experience

As a global tech company, we give our trainees an opportunity to gain precious experience in business development with the world's largest brands across a range of growing industries. With us, you will participate in large-scale projects using the latest technologies and approaches.

Professional environment

At Andersen, you will enter a top-rated, effective, caring, and multicultural work environment that any sales trainee would be delighted to find themselves in. Experienced mentors understand your work-related needs and requirements and support you as you learn and start your first negotiations.

Employment for successful trainees

For those who have successfully completed Andersen’s Sales Trainee Program, employment is guaranteed. Our company is constantly expanding, launching new collaborations, and working on interesting projects of different scopes. If you successfully accomplish the training and fulfil the required qualifications, we will be happy to make you a job offer.