Lead Front-end Developer (React) for a Healthcare Project

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The project is to develop a personalized system to systematize and manage the activities of the company, which will allow the patient to get the full range of services, starting with a call to the clinic, until the results and further payment.

The customer is an American company founded in 1995. It provides a wide range of radiology services (MRI, CT, ultrasonography, mammography, and radiography) to thousands of physicians and medical centers throughout the USA. The company is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio.


  • Participating in the active development of the product, making suggestions for new solutions;
  • Interacting with the team to determine the development of the front-end application;
  • Communicating with the PM and the customer on an ongoing basis;
  • Communicating proactively with the back-end development team;
  • Acting as a mentor throughout the software development process;
  • Maintaining project documentation.


  • Experience as a Front-end developer for 5+ years;
  • Strong knowledge of TypeScript;
  • Strong knowledge of and experience with React, Redux/Redux Thunk, MobX, RxJS;
  • Strong knowledge of Next.js framework;
  • Knowledge of and experience with JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Sass/Less, Webpack;
  • Experience with React Testing Library, Mocha, Jest, Karma, VCS;
  • Experience with Unit-tests;
  • TDD (Test Driven Development), DDD (Domain Driven Design) methodology skills;
  • Knowledge of MySQL, NoSQL DB (MongoDB), PostgreSQL, Redis;
  • Experience with GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, Subversion;
  • Experience with Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure;
  • Understanding how Jira, Basecamp, Trello, Asana or ClickUp systems work;
  • Experience with Restful API systems;
  • Level of English – Upper-Intermediate.

Desired skills

  • Work experience with medical systems.

Reasons to join us

  • At Andersen, you will enhance your CV by working on projects for such global brands as Samsung, Johnson & Johnson, Ryanair, Europcar, and many others. Our company never runs out of good projects, so you won’t stay on the sidelines;
  • You will be able to learn something new every day. If you want to change your domain or technology, we will help you with this. After all, Andersen has a huge knowledge base and a strong resource management institution;
  • Our employees work from anywhere in the world: at the company's offices or from home, and even combine both formats in the way that suits them best. Coworking with compensation is also possible;
  • You will have a stable competitive euro-pegged salary and enjoy an extensive benefit package. Also, if you want to, you will be able to increase your income by taking on additional activities;
  • Your career will be in your hands! We offer a clear assessment system and draw a roadmap to your goals. Develop as a specialist or manager, and your achievements will be appreciated at their true value and rewarded.

Join us!

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