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The Power of Push Notifications: Implementation with Firebase Messaging

Andersen’s Office in Minsk: Royal Plaza Business Center, Pobediteley Avenue 7a, floor 24

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15:30 UTC




About the event

Dzmitry Pintusau, a Solution Architect at Andersen, will deliver a speech on the topic: “The Power of Push Notifications: Implementation with Firebase Messaging.”

At the meeting, Dzmitry will:

  • Introduce push notifications and options for their implementation;
  • Discuss the benefits of push notifications for the business and for users;
  • Present an overview of Firebase Cloud Messaging (introduction and possibilities for integrations);
  • Provide a step-by-step guide to integrating Firebase Cloud Messaging with the Push API;
  • Highlight the process of installing and configuring push notifications;
  • Share real examples of successful implementations using the Push API.

It's going to be a highly interesting and productive event. See you there!

The event will be interesting for:

Architects, Business Analysts, System Analysts, Developers


Topics and speakers

Dzmitry Pintusau

Dzmitry Pintusau

Solution Architect

15:30 UTC

Exploring the Power of Push Notifications: Best Practices and Implementation with Firebase Messaging

About the topic

Let's explore the fundamentals of push notifications and different implementation approaches, as well as scrutinize case studies using Firebase Messaging to deliver personalized and engaging push notifications.

About the speaker

Dzmitry Pintusau is a solution-oriented Software Architect with a profound understanding of development concepts and software design principles. He possesses more than six years of proven experience in designing and implementing enterprise-level scalable services. Dzmitry has the expertise to navigate complex technical challenges and provide guidance to stakeholders.

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