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All in Life Is Manipulation

Andersen Office Minsk: Royal Plaza Business Center, Pobediteley Avenue 7a, floor 24

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15:30 UTC




About the event

We’ll listen to an interesting speech by Kirill Hudoeshko (Marketing Specialist) and:

  • talk about insights/motives/manipulations in business and everyday life;
  • explore the key attributes and techniques of psychological manipulation;
  • find out how to properly react to manipulation;
  • analyze the impact of manipulation on business relationships and trust;
  • work on communication strategies to counter manipulation;
  • learn to develop resistance to manipulation tactics;
  • reveal the ethical aspects of insights/motives/manipulations.

See you then!

The event will be interesting for:

Absolutely everyone who wants to learn to notice all manipulation techniques and use them to achieve their goals.


Topics and speakers

Kirill Hudoeshko

Kirill Hudoeshko

Marketing Specialist

15:30 UTC

All in Life Is Manipulation

About the topic

The ability to progress in society by successfully manipulating words and actions is a real art. We all do it unconsciously, but what if we start manipulating consciously? How to do it and what you can achieve – you will learn all this from our meetup.

About the speaker

The only marketer hired by the department immediately after graduation. A specialist in intercultural communication, sociologist, financier, PR manager, and experienced speaker. Deep knowledge and personal charm are the keys to successful publicity.

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