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Passing and Conducting Tech Interviews

Andersen's office in Tbilisi: Tiflis Development Business Centre, 11 Andria Apakidze st., floor 13

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15:00 UTC




About the event

Sergey Rozhkov will tell us how to properly stand out from other candidates and demonstrate hard and soft skills without unnecessary stress. Also, he’ll share tips for successfully passing and conducting technical interviews, based on his first-hand experience.

The event will be interesting for:

Developers of all levels, tech interviewers, development team managers.


Topics and speakers

Sergey Rozhkov

Sergey Rozhkov

Senior JS Developer, Technical Interviewer

15:00 UTC

Passing and Conducting Tech Interviews: Confidence and Effectiveness

About the topic

At the meeting, we will talk about tech interviews and the keys to successfully passing them.

About the speaker

Sergey is an experienced engineer at Andersen. He has been working at the company for more than 10 years in a number of areas, including PHP and legacy. He has passed many interviews with customers and has conducted even more himself. Sergey acts as a hiring manager, interviews candidates, conducts technical interviews, and still writes code.

Unfortunately, registration for this event is already closed. However, Andersen often organizes interesting events! Find out more information in the dedicated community!