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Wait for Me, I'm Your Leader!

Andersen's Office in Minsk: Royal Plaza business center, Pobediteley 7а, 24th floor

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15:30 UTC




About the event

The meeting will be led by Kirill Khudoeshko, a young and promising marketer who specializes in cross-cultural communication. His lectures are informative and his books are already on the shelves. The skills gained at this meetup will help you rethink your approach to managing teams and communicating with people.

At the meetup, you will:

  • Learn to speak confidently and convincingly;
  • Discover how to resolve conflicts without letting emotions get in the way;
  • Learn effective negotiation skills, how to read people's emotions, and how to manage differences of opinion.

The event will be interesting for:

Useful to absolutely everyone who wants to master the art of competent communication.


Topics and speakers

Kirill Khudoeshko

Kirill Khudoeshko


15:30 UTC

Wait for Me, I'm Your Leader!

About the topic

We invite you to an extremely interesting meetup that will be useful to each and every specialist who wants to master the art of communication. Kirill Khudoeshko, a young and promising marketer studying and applying the latest techniques of cross-culture communication, is going to give a lecture about effective management. It's titled “Wait for Me, I'm Your Leader!” and is dedicated to using verbal and non-verbal communication to build business relationships.

About the speaker

Kirill is a young marketer who can change the way you think about communication and management. Being the youngest professional in the marketing department, he tirelessly researches and applies the latest techniques of cross-cultural communication. Get ready for amazing discoveries and a unique perspective on effective management!

Unfortunately, registration for this event is already closed. However, Andersen often organizes interesting events! Find out more information in the dedicated community!