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Andersen in Hungary


Advantages of Hungary for Andersen's employees

Any of our employees residing in the territory of Hungary, whether temporarily or permanently, are eligible for:

Official full-time employment

Tax consulting

Relocation opportunities within the company

Andersen in Hungary

Andersen is a modern and agile IT company with a global reach. The company's development offices are located in Hungary, Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. As an employer, our mission is to offer the most advanced conditions for productive work: flexible hours, an opportunity to work remotely, international projects, competitive salary, and professional growth prospects.

50+employees in Hungary

Benefits of working at Andersen

Competitive salary and bonuses

Andersen values the financial security of its employees and their pursuit of successful careers at our company.

International projects

A chance to participate in ambitious international IT projects is one of the key advantages of working at Andersen. Reach new horizons and acquire new skills.

Freedom to relocate

Being employed by Andersen means extended relocation opportunities within the company so that you can see different places and meet new people.

Advice and support

Andersen is ready to give you professional legal advice concerning taxes, fees, and ways to register your employment.

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By becoming part of Andersen, you officially join the company's staff and are provided with all due conditions according to the Hungarian labor legislation.