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.NET Workshop

Unit testing done right

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16:00 UTC




About the event

We are organizing a live workshop special for .NET developers. Our guest is going to be Jakub Pilimon – Developer, Architect, and Trainer. Jakub is a specialist with more than 10 years of experience in development and architecture, who has already held more than 100 presentations and workshops and delivered his speeches in several countries.

Thanks to our workshop, you will gain a large knowledge base and test the acquired skills. All this is for free. Discussion, live coding, and exercises, as well as lots of brainstorming, pizza, and beverages – we promise that this autumn evening will be the hottest and most memorable. The workshop will be useful for both .NET developers with 1+ year of experience and those who are already professionals in the area. Click the Register button to participate online, and we will send you a link for online participation.

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Topics and speakers

Jakub Pilimon

Jakub Pilimon


16:00 UTC

Unit testing done right

About the topic

Many companies fail at unit and integration testing because the architecture of their systems doesn’t fit their needs. As complexity increases, it’s really hard to verify some behaviors. And even if you somehow manage to do so, your testing suite becomes tightly coupled to the implementation and brittle. It doesn’t offer safety. It doesn’t eliminate the fear of adding new code. The solution is to learn how to refactor and design your model accordingly, creating testable architectures that are both safe and well structured.

About the speaker

Jakub Pilimon is a Developer and Architect, mainly interested in modeling and architecture from an engineering perspective. He focuses on code readability, scalability, and performance. During his career, he has developed and implemented systems for the financial, medical, telecommunications, and energy industries.Jakub is a big fan of football, skiing, and motorcycles. He says about himself: “I am a supporter of problem awareness and the choice the right tools to resolve it. Such an approach, combined with extensive experience and constant growth of competencies, allows me to create clean, extensible, and testable solutions that meet my requirements in the first instance.”

Unfortunately, registration for this event is already closed. However, Andersen often organizes interesting events! Find out more information in the dedicated community!