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Reactive programming in mobile app development

Andersen Office Warsaw – Rondo Daszyńskiego 1, 23 floor, Warsaw, 00-843, Poland

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17:00 UTC




About the event

iOS and Android developers, it’s going to be hot in Warsaw soon! We invite you to Cozy Talks with Andersen, devoted to reactive programming in mobile app development! Together, we will discuss: -What is reactive programming? -What are the basics and its advantages? -RxJava or Flow? RxSwift, Combine, PromiseKit, or async/await? Which to choose? -Why is it so useful for Android and iOS development? Is it still relevant, or are there better solutions? We can answer all these questions together and exchange experiences in the first Mobile Open Mic. Add the event to your calendar – it’s going to be cool! Register


Unfortunately, registration for this event is already closed. However, Andersen often organizes interesting events! Find out more information in the dedicated community!