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Surgical tactics in UI/UX design

Andersen's office in Batumi: 10 Zhiuli Shartava st., 2nd floor

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15:00 UTC




About the event

Tech Talk agenda:

  • Learn which skills and knowledge gained in surgery play a key role in the speaker’s new career and how they help in creating effective and intuitive interfaces;
  • Compare therapeutic and design approaches and discuss how to integrate surgical principles to design;
  • Find out what patterns can be used in interface design.

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Topics and speakers

Hanna Rai

Hanna Rai

UI/UX Designer at Andersen

15:00 UTC

Surgical Tactics in Design. How to Innovate with Little Bloodshed in UX/UI.

About the topic

Participants will learn to: – choose the right database connection strategy in accordance with specific requirements, focusing on performance, scalability, and simplicity; – apply synchronous and asynchronous code to take databases in Java apps to the next level using Reactive Relational Database Connectivity (R2DBC), Reactive Streams Ingestion (RSI), or JDBC with Virtual Threads.

Unfortunately, registration for this event is already closed. However, Andersen often organizes interesting events! Find out more information in the dedicated community!