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Valentin is the Head of our Commercial Department with a remarkable track record. His belief is that only practice makes perfect and hard work brings rewards.

Valentin Kuzmenko

Chief Commercial Officer / VP of Sales

Chief Commercial Officer / VP of Sales
Work together with us at Andersen

Work together with us at Andersen

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Reasons to join us

Wide career opportunities

A diverse range of potential paths for professional growth and advancement. You can either develop within one area or switch to another one.

Work with no borders

Flexibility in work arrangements and locations, including fully remote work.

A transparent system of motivation

Culture of openness, fairness, and accountability within the organization, which gives you a clear understanding of expectations, rewards, and recognition.

Working with major global brands

Partnering with well-known and influential companies, collaborating with industry experts, working on advanced projects, and enjoying access to top-tier resources.

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Requirements to join our Sales Department

Requirements to join our Sales Department

Admission criteria:

  • University degree;
  • English or German at upper-Intermediate level or above;
  • Strong theoretical knowledge and proven hands-on experience in the chosen area;
  • Experience in management and knowledge of sales and negotiation techniques;
  • Analytical mind and structured thinking;
  • Excellent communicative skills and logical thinking;
  • Basic IT background will be a big plus;
  • Successfully completed IT Sales courses will be an advantage.

Admission criteria:

  • Experience in active sales for at least one year;
  • Skills in sales and negotiation techniques;
  • Result-oriented attitude and self-management skills;
  • Communication skills, stress resistance, high energy, proactivity, and intelligence;
  • Strong desire to learn new things and dig into products;
  • Systematic thinking, the ability to clearly express your thoughts, and eloquent speech;
  • Upper-intermediate or above level of English or German.
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Admission criteria:

  • Experience in active sales for 1+ years;
  • Proficiency in sales and negotiation techniques with the ability to effectively make deals;
  • Result-oriented mindset, strong self-management skills, and the ability to work independently and meet targets;
  • Excellent communication skills with the ability to thrive in high-pressure situations and maintain a positive attitude;
  • High energy, proactivity, and intelligence, and the ability to adapt quickly to changing market dynamics;
  • Strong desire to continuously learn and expand your knowledge about products and industry trends;
  • Systematic thinking, the ability to express thoughts clearly, and refined verbal communication skills;
  • Level of English or German – Upper-Intermediate or above.
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Andersen's Sales Traineeship process


Sales theory training

  • 1-2 months;

  • Theoretical classes and supervised learning;

  • Individual sessions with a mentor to gain a deep understanding of all processes.


Practical training

  • 3-6 months;

  • Participation together with your mentor in meetings with potential and current customers;

  • Comprehensive learning of lead processing – from receiving a request through presale activities to signing a contract.


Joining our commercial department

  • Assigned Resource Manager responsible for your career growth;

  • Continuous support and guidance throughout your work;

  • Sales plans and roadmaps for your professional advancement.

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