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Andersen regularly provides a great opportunity to learn something new by interviewing the world's leading experts and opinion leaders from various scientific and business domains.

Wearable technologies and generative AI in healthcare

Wearable technologies and generative AI in healthcare

João Bocas, an expert in wearable technology, digital health influencer, globally recognized business thought leader, mentor, advisor, and entrepreneur.

Future of Payments

Future of Payments

Anna Maj, an innovation leader and strategic advisor, co-author of The PAYTECH Book and The AI Book. One of the Top 10 FinTech Innovators and Top 10 Women in FinTech.

Global best practices in digital health

Global best practices in digital health

Koen Kas, a healthcare futurist, professor of molecular oncology, and CEO of the research company Healthskouts.

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  • Learn more about projects and plans for your growth in the company

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Yes, all of our vacancies provide the opportunity to work remotely. We have three options for working: at the office, from home, and a mixed option where you can work remotely two days a week. The only exceptions are managerial positions where working at the office is mandatory.