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Andersen in Poland

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Advantages of Poland for Andersen's employees

Any of our employees residing in the territory of Poland, whether temporarily or permanently, are eligible for:

Official employment

Relocation between all the company's offices

Advice on taxes and fees

Full benefit package from Andersen

Andersen in Poland

Andersen is a company that keeps up with the times. Our offices are located in Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. We offer the most modern working conditions, flexible hours, working remotely or at the office, international project teams, an extensive benefit package, training and professional improvement.

300+employees in Poland

Benefits of working at Andersen

Stable salary and monthly bonuses

We want you to feel financially secure, plan your future, and have high career prospects.

International company

Get an opportunity to relocate freely. You don't need a vacation to get acquainted with new countries — just come to work at an office in Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, and more.

Foreign projects

Working on foreign projects is an additional opportunity for your advancement. Improve your English skills, learn other languages, and create products that will be used around the world.

Legal support

How, when, and where to go? How to sensibly register your employment? How to correctly pay taxes in different countries? We have answers to any of your questions.

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By becoming part of Andersen, you officially join the company's staff and are provided with all due conditions according to the Polish labor legislation.