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Agile & Soft Skills Meetup

How to manage an Agile team

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Agile methodology adepts know how to use their time 100%-efficiently. For those who live as efficiently as possible, we are organizing a 2-in-1 meetup - Agile & Soft Skills!Experts from Andersen and professional coaches will share with you the secrets of their productive success and successful productivity.


16:00 UTC



Our speakers

Oleksandr Milia

Oleksandr Milia

Senior Delivery Manager в Andersen

Has experience in managing complex projects with 150+ FTE employees. A certified Delivery Manager and Scrum Master.

Svetlana Bolsunovskaya

Svetlana Bolsunovskaya

Enterprise Agile coach DT IT Solutions

An ICF Coach, Agile coach at AgilaLAB. Since 2014, she has worked her way from a Scrum Master of one team to the Enterprise Agile Coach in an international company with 10,000+ people. A certified Scrum Master (PSM II), SAFe Program Consultant (SPC). Practices individual and team coaching.

Vladimir Gorshunov

Vladimir Gorshunov

The founder of AgileLAB, Executive Agile Coach

The founder of AgileLab. Formerly, a Senior Head of Technical Programs at Amazon UK, General Manager at Ask Applications, Head of Ciklum's Minsk Consulting Office, Agile Consultant, and Project Manager. An author of Agile training accredited by ICAgile.

Topics and speakers

16:00 UTC
Oleksandr Milia
What's the difference between the Agile in the manifest and the Agile in the customer’s head? Is Agile always needed? The importance of value and metrics, and many stories from first-hand experience.
16:45 UTC
Svetlana Bolsunovskaya
Are you an Agile team leader and want to build a strong self-organized team? What can go wrong? What actions of yours can lead to the opposite effects?
17:30 UTC
Vladimir Gorshunov
"How to be a Leader in an Agile Organization". We’ll talk about the evolution of management theory. What skills and competencies are required so that your organization works according to Agile? How is the leader's behavior model changing?

Unfortunately, registration for this event is already closed. However, Andersen often organizes interesting events! Find out more information in the dedicated community!