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Handling SPM Packages in Apps with Multiple Targets

Andersen's Office in Krakow: Aleja Pokoju 18B, building 3, 31-564, 4th floor

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17:00 UTC




About the event

Maksym Teslia, Senior iOS Developer, will tell us about working with dependencies in apps with multiple targets using SPM.

See you then!

The event will be interesting for:

All iOS developers who want to investigate how to use SPM in an out-of-the-box manner.


Topics and speakers

Maksym Teslia

Maksym Teslia

Senior iOS Developer

17:00 UTC

Handling SPM Packages in Apps With Multiple Targets

About the topic

At the meeting, we’ll talk about how to: – create a third-party package using SPM; – apply a code-generating plugin to the package; – manage the resources of an app with several targets within one package.

About the speaker

Maksym is a Mobile engineer passionate about creating intuitive and innovative mobile apps that enhance user experiences.

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