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How to Build an Effective Tech Debt Management Strategy

Andersen's Office in Krakow: Aleja Pokoju 18B, building 3, 31-564, 4th floor

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17:00 UTC




About the event

At the meeting with Andrei Iakushin, Software/Solution Architect at Andersen, you’ll discuss:

  • Types of technical debt and situations in which they occur;
  • Pros and cons of different approaches to managing technical debt;
  • A step-by-step guide to maintaining your accumulated technical debt;
  • Basic tips and recommendations for handling technical debt.

What is more, you’ll learn how to convince the customer to take on technical debt and how to plan it correctly.

The event will be interesting for:

Software Developers, Project Managers, and Scrum Masters


Topics and speakers

Andrei Iakushin

Andrei Iakushin

Software/Solution Architect

17:00 UTC

How to Build an Effective Tech Debt Management Strategy

About the topic

A practical guide to fixing your code properly. Identification, assessment, evaluation, prioritization, and planning.

About the speaker

Architect and Engineering Manager with over 17 years in IT and knowledge of Java and Big Data.

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