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How to test productively and enjoy doing it

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Testing is a dogma for every IT product. Our speakers will discuss the problems of a modern tester. They will talk about where to find a magical balance between experience and personal traits. About the sense of responsibility and the ability to unload routine tasks from the brain. About how to assemble a QA team that will be into a product and manage it efficiently. The demand for and importance of Soft Skills in the current IT market and the constantly changing world is such a hot topic that each speaker will share their personal experience on this matter. If you are not a QA specialist, it’s not a problem - soft skills and team management are important for any area of IT. A bonus for each participant will be a checklist and a test on Burnout Syndrome. You are welcome!


16:00 UTC



Our speakers


Alexander Romanov

Test and Deployment Engineer at IOHK

Alexander has been working in testing for 10 years, and the industry has changed and developed in front of his eyes. How did the tasks, challenges, and salaries of testers change? Will manual testing die? This and many other issues are discussed in the report!


Anastasiya Shaula

QA Manager at Andersen

Her speech will be devoted to why it is so important to develop soft skills for all professional positions and how the experience gained can help to upgrade soft skills. The report will feature a detailed analysis of Andersen's statistics.


Natalia Bobunenko

Trainer, coach, and founder of the School of Professional Coaching

Signs and causes of emotional burnout, as well as recovery methods. How to recharge and get back to work? Let's find it out!

Topics and speakers

16:00 UTC
Aleksander Romanow
Challenges of Modern Testing
17:00 UTC
Anastasiya Shaula
Combining Experience and Soft Skills
18:00 UTC
Natalia Bobunenko
How to Burn with Enthusiasm and Not Burn Out

Unfortunately, registration for this event is already closed. However, Andersen often organizes interesting events! Find out more information in the dedicated community!