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Three cases that will teach you to test better

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A new QA meetup by Andersen will be held on the 15 of July in our Vitebsk office and will also be available online. Those who are tired of monitors and want to meet their colleagues and our speakers in person are invited to the office. A QA engineer’s life is challenging but exciting. How to reduce the former and increase the latter? Find this out by joining our free online meetup! Seasoned bug-catchers from Andersen and SberMarket will share their cases and (possibly) make your life better. Register for the meetup, don't miss it!


16:00 UTC

Offline, online


Our speakers


Vladimir Khudoikin

Head of Test Automation at SberMarket

Kraken is the name of the automation framework in SberMarket. The report will be about how we developed this framework, what it consists of, what difficulties we encountered, how they were solved, and why these particular solutions were chosen.


Eldar Nurtdinov

AQA Engineer at Andersen

Using examples from his experience, he will tell you how a test run can be established and how to build an efficient pipeline, as well as collect anonymous statistics from colleagues on their assemblies on the project. Then, we'll draw conclusions about the pros and cons


Aliaksandr Shkredau

Andersenlab QA Team Lead

Legacy projects are sad, inconvenient, but sometimes inevitable. How exactly should the testing process be organized for them? Where to start and what to pay attention to? Andersen's Team Lead will tell you about it!

Topics and speakers

16:00 UTC
Vladimir Khudoikin
How We Have Grown Our Own Kraken at SberMarket
17:00 UTC
Eldar Nurtdinov
The Life of Wonderful Pipelines
18:00 UTC
Aliaksandr Shkredau
How to Raise Testing on a Legacy Project from Scratch and Not Let It Die

Unfortunately, registration for this event is already closed. However, Andersen often organizes interesting events! Find out more information in the dedicated community!