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UX Discovery Workshop

Andersen Office Kraków. 4 floor, al. Pokoju 18/B3, 31-564 Kraków, Poland

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17:00 UTC




About the event

We invite you to an open workshop for UX/UI Designers! Let’s discuss the creative chaos that occurs during the Discovery phase and how to align progress, scope, and priorities when exploring, formulating, and solving problems. What methods will keep everyone updated – including stakeholders, customers, and your own team? And finally, let's explore some frameworks that will allow you to document your work in a meaningful way. Are you in Krakow? Do you want to become our guest and attend this meetup personally – alone or with a friend? Offline registration is available here!

The event will be interesting for:

  • UI/UX Designers of any level;
  • Design Team Leads;
  • Anyone who wants to enhance their skills.

Topics and speakers

Alex Dziewulska

Alex Dziewulska

Head of Product Design at Apptension and Principal UX Designer at Intive

17:00 UTC

Project Planning in Design – Scope Analysis, Artifacts, and Estimation.

About the topic

Let's talk about the creative mess of the Discovery phase and how to align progress, scope, and priorities while exploring, framing, and solving problems. What kind of methods will keep everyone informed, including stakeholders, clients, and your team? Explore the frameworks that will help you document your work during the Discovery phase in a meaningful and waste-free way with me.

About the speaker

Alex is a design expert focused on translating user needs and business goals into innovative products and services. Currently, she works as the Head of Product Design at Apptension and the Principal UX Designer at Intive. Also, Alex is a design thinking evangelist, business design pioneer, SWPS lecturer, and product design mentor with UX research background.

Unfortunately, registration for this event is already closed. However, Andersen often organizes interesting events! Find out more information in the dedicated community!